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note: These are primarily Adobe Acrobat files; the format is Portable Document Format, .pdf, and can be viewed with Acrobat Reader available for free from the Acrobat Reader Download Page.

The Walnut Creek Watershed Restoration Project—Inception 2006

Yosemite Watershed Restoration Project—Completed 2005

This "Site Manual" is an initial overview for an on going project in the Bayview/Hunters Point/Candlestick Point area for Alliance for a Clean Waterfront in San Francisco. Funding provided in grant by CalFed and the California Coastal Conservancy.

BioSwale and Pond Designs

This work was produced for GeoSyntec Consultants (Jan-May 2002).

A Protection and Revitalization Plan for Las Virgenes Creek

This is my Masters Project, completed in June, 2001.

A Las Virgenes Creek Site Restoration

These are a set of construction drawings for a stretch of Las Virgenes Creek.

Runoff Analysis for Malibu Creek Watershed

This was completed in support of another groups' Masters Project in 1998.

Pomona's Downtown Mall

A study of urban landscape history.

SanTimoteo Canyon

This was a presentation focusing on reducing environmental degradation.

Paradise Creek Restoration

This is a project I worked on for six weeks in 1995. The restoration involved re-introducing a meander in a channelized stretch of the creek at the outskirts of town. The location is in Mosow, Idaho on a stretch of Paradise Creek (which runs through town).